Friday, November 8, 2013

Seo é ár dtír

Their Bucks will be our Bannockburn.
Their Montgomery will be our Móin Mhór.
They think the resistance is almost over. That we will cross over to their side as others have recently done.
In truth, we have not yet begun.

The Highlanders walked these lands centuries ago.

We have never left.
 Our communal cuach is now ready to quench a different thirst.

In lands they call Bucks and Montgomery, we prepare for our destiny.  
Near the Wells of Dee, we gather.

To those that continue to defile our land and water and air;
Keep your nose to the wind, and do not blink.


We with honor await those with none.

Enjoy the fleeting concept known as time.


Tick tock.....

1 comment:

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