Wednesday, December 18, 2013


We are like snowflakes in a raging blizzard.
We are indistinguishable from the masses, but are nevertheless there.
From any direction, day or night, we will fall silently at your doorstep. 
And we will watch.
And we will wait.
And we will plan.
The day and the hour of our rising will never be known.

It is ours alone to choose.
To the ITRR and others who watch, we give you an early Yuletide gift: Those who died once yet live again have a unique view of life, and death. Only those who have been there understand.

On our honor; we have, and we do.

Now that you know where we have been, Ullaich.

Tick tock...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Seo é ár dtír

Their Bucks will be our Bannockburn.
Their Montgomery will be our Móin Mhór.
They think the resistance is almost over. That we will cross over to their side as others have recently done.
In truth, we have not yet begun.

The Highlanders walked these lands centuries ago.

We have never left.
 Our communal cuach is now ready to quench a different thirst.

In lands they call Bucks and Montgomery, we prepare for our destiny.  
Near the Wells of Dee, we gather.

To those that continue to defile our land and water and air;
Keep your nose to the wind, and do not blink.


We with honor await those with none.

Enjoy the fleeting concept known as time.


Tick tock.....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Cairn of Marcellus

We will meet at the fire ring by the Cairn of Marcellus tonight at 8 pm.

Don't be late.

40.832108, -75.820882


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seachain Faolchú

A lone wolf does not trod the beaten trail
And before he begins any journey
He travels his chosen path thryce;
Once in his mind
Once by darkest night
Once again by day

A lone wolf does not mark time by a calendar or clock
He confides in no one
He trusts no one
And he needs no one

A lone wolf is as black as the darkest knight

To all who watch;
You cannot prepare for that which you cannot see
Or hear
Or comprehend
 Keep your gaze fixed on all horizons
Keep your ears attuned to the deafening silence
Keep your nose to the four winds
And dare not blink
Briseann an dúchais tri shúile an chat

We ask: What do you see in our eyes?

And we in yours?

Tick tock...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dan y dw’r, galwaf i

Know that from both far and near, we still stand watch.
Amidst the din that grows louder every day, listen not to the ceaseless chatter of the shallow brooks, but seek instead the counsel of deeper waters, for it is in your reflection there that you will find the strength and courage needed for the days ahead.

Chan ann leis a’chiad bhuille thuiteas a’chraobh.

Trust us: they will soon fall on the blade of their own arrogance and avarice. 

Tick tock...