Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seachain Faolchú

A lone wolf does not trod the beaten trail
And before he begins any journey
He travels his chosen path thryce;
Once in his mind
Once by darkest night
Once again by day

A lone wolf does not mark time by a calendar or clock
He confides in no one
He trusts no one
And he needs no one

A lone wolf is as black as the darkest knight

To all who watch;
You cannot prepare for that which you cannot see
Or hear
Or comprehend
 Keep your gaze fixed on all horizons
Keep your ears attuned to the deafening silence
Keep your nose to the four winds
And dare not blink
Briseann an dúchais tri shúile an chat

We ask: What do you see in our eyes?

And we in yours?

Tick tock...

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