Thursday, October 27, 2011

From Within the Darkness

It is known by many names.

Breu. Finsternis. Dunkelhet. Noir. We call it Samhain. You may call it Halloween.

My brothers and sisters, as we cross the threshold into our season of darkness, be not afraid. Time is a continuum, a cearcall. There is a reason and purpose for everything.

If you believe nothing else we have said, believe this: you are not alone. With every step, with every breath - we are with you on your journey.

Tha sinn uile air cuan
Stiùreadh cuairt troimh ar beatha
A’ seòladh geòla dhorch’
Air chall an greim na mara
Tha a’ ghaoth air ar cùl
Tha a’ gheòl’ a’ cumail roimhpe
‘S cha dean uair neo an cuan
Tonaisg dhuinn neo rian.

A’ mhuir tha i ciùin
Tha i fiadhaich tha i farsaing
Tha i àluinn tha diamhair
Tha i gamhlasach is domhain
O ach sinn tha sinn dall
‘S chan eil againn ach beatha
Tog an seòl, tog an ràmh
‘Gus am faigh sinn astar ann.

Tha mi ‘n dùil, tha mi ‘n dùil
Nuair a bhios a’ ghrian dol fodha
Chì iad mi a’ stiùireadh ‘n Iar
Null a dh’Uibhist air a’ chearcall
O Chearcall a’ chuain
Gu bràth bidh i a’ tionndadh
Leam gu machair geal an Iar
Far an do thòisich an là.

For those who do not speak or read Scots-Gaelic:

We try to find a course
On the broad and open sea
Sailing a dark ship
Lost in the grip of the sea.
The winds push from behind,
Driving us on and on;
Neither time passing nor the ocean
Brings wisdom or order.

The sea may be calm,
May be wild, may be wide;
The sea may be beautiful, may be secret,
May be tumultuous, deep,
We see so little,
But have only one life.
Raise up the sail, pull on the oar,
Let’s be moving onwards.

I can see the time coming
When the sun is going down
When I’ll be steering westwards,
With Uist on the horizon
May the circle of the horizon
Keep turning for me
Until I reach the white sands of the West
Where day first began.

To our friends old and new; Go gcreide sibh.

Tick, tock.....

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  1. DUENDE...
    "If you choose to resist entrenched power, when confronted by mindless authority, your heart will know the drill; it will guide you--its natural trajectory is towards freedom. Hence, you will know what to do when the moment arrives--and will gain the knowledge that your predecessors discovered in their struggle for justice…that the cry arose forth from deep in their souls,
    'We shall not be moved.'"
    Phil Rockstroh